Monday, November 14, 2011

1B and 7OB

1B Section 2

Essays are due Friday, not Wednesday. So you have more time.


Today in class only three students showed up, and they weren't very well prepared for the test. I know you all think four topics is a lot, but it's not. In the final maturita, you'll have 25, and you need to prepare for them all. Of the three students who came, only one could even talk about his topics without help. Don't expect sympathy from me if you can't even say some basic information on a topic. Each topic has a chapter in your book with a two page article. Just read it and repeat the information. It's not hard. I'm going to repeat this oral exam next class, and I want you all to prepare. Now, next Monday I'll be in Bratislava, but when I return in two weeks, I want you to actually prepare. I'm also going to talk to your class teacher about increasing lessons, because it's apparent that once a week is not enough.

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