Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pros and Cons of Transportation


Advantages (Pros):
1. It’s the fastest way to travel.
2. It’s the safest way to travel – safer than walking.
3. You get free food, drinks, and your own entertainment console.
4. You can play games or watch films.
5. The bathrooms are clean.
6. The view is always beautiful, day or night.
7. You can buy duty free products, meaning tax-free.

Disadvantages (Cons):
1. Planes are very expensive, although you can sometimes find deals.
2. Planes are scary. They have turbulence, and every plane makes a different strange noise.
3. Planes are often delayed. You might wait for hours before a flight, during a flight, or after you land.
4. Airports are never in a city center. They are always outside of town, so you have to use another kind of transport to get to town – a car, a taxi, or a bus.
5. Airport security is often rude, and they want to look through your things. They’ll take away any liquids, and sometimes they’ll take your laptop computer. They might even check your laptop for illegal downloads. Sometimes they strip search a passenger.
6. Everyone is afraid of terrorists on a plane.
7. Sometimes an airport will lose your luggage - and instead of finding it, they might just sell it at auction. The Discovery Channel has a TV show devoted to this, called Baggage Battles. Watching these people root through personal belongings makes me want to vomit:


Advantages (Pros):
1. Trains are the most relaxing way to travel. You can get up, stretch your legs, and go to the restroom without having to stop the train.
2. Many trains have a dining car, and some are quite luxurious.
3. Train stations will take you straight to the center of any city.
4. They aren’t so expensive and you can get special tourist or student discounts.
5. Some night trains have sleeping cabins with real beds.
6. With the right people you can have a good conversation.
7. The views are also nice.

Disadvantages (Cons):
1. Some trains are older and dirtier. It depends on the country.
2. Some trains don’t have air conditioning, and can be very hot or cold.
3. Trains can be scary if you’ve ever seen a train wreck.
4. Sometimes you meet strange people on trains. They might be drunk. They might ask for money. Sometimes groups of teenage boys will harass young women.
5. Sometimes a train will split up along the way, and you have to be on the right side or you’ll arrive at the wrong destination.


Advantages (Pros):
1. Buses are usually cheaper.
2. There are different kinds of buses: city buses, airport and hotel shuttles (which are usually free), long distance buses (Greyhound in America), and tour buses.
3. Tour buses can take you on budget vacations to see different cities and countries.
4. Tour buses and long distance buses usually have a bathroom.
5. Some bus drivers will make a special stop for you – you’ll be closer to where you want to go.
6. With the right people you can have a good conversation.

Disadvantages (Cons):
1. Buses are cramped and uncomfortable. Cramped means you don’t have enough space to relax. You can’t lean your seat back, and it’s hard to put your feet up.
2. Bus bathrooms are usually gross. They smell horrible. In Europe, most bus drivers tell you not to use the bus toilet because there’s nowhere to dump it out.
3. Buses sometimes have accidents, and they can be dangerous. Drivers sometimes drive for a very long time, and become tired.
4. Waiting at a bus stop in bad weather is not fun. There’s never a bus when you need one.


Advantages (Pros):
1. You can go wherever you want, whenever you want – to the exact spot.
2. You can stop wherever and whenever you want, when you’re tired or hungry.
3. You don’t need to worry about stations or schedules.
4. Cars are often stylish, and tell you something about their owners. There are many kinds of cars for different needs.
5. You can drive a car for fun, to explore your area, or find friends. Some roads are really fun to drive.
6. In America, many teens drive along a town strip (the main drag) to find out about parties and meet new people.
7. With the right people you can have a good conversation.

Disadvantages (Cons):
1. Cars and petrol (gasoline) are expensive.
2. Cars are statistically the most dangerous way to travel – a car is a 1,000 Kg bomb on four wheels.
3. Some drivers are drunk, and some are reckless. Many drivers are impatient, and try to pass when it’s not safe.
4. Roads are also dangerous with hidden curves, sudden stops, pot holes, construction, and other obstacles – like ice, fallen trees, trash, pieces of tires, etc.
5. Cars can break down, get flat tires, or run out of gas. You could be stranded far from help.
6. Driving for a long time is stressful and tiring.
7. Sometimes people complain about the music, and who can sit in front, “riding shotgun”.
8. Road Rage - when drivers get angry and fight each other.

Bicycles (Bikes)/Motorbikes

Advantages (Pros):
1. Bikes are a healthy form of exercise, if you don’t have an accident.
2. Bikes and even motorbikes are more eco-friendly than other forms of transportation.
3. Bicycles are practical for short distances.
4. Motorbikes are practical in highway traffic.
5. In a city, bicycles are often faster than cars, which have to stop at red lights.
6. Bikes take up less space in parking lots.
7. Bikes are cheaper than cars.
8. You can also travel door to door.

Disadvantages (Cons):
1. Bikes and motorbikes are dangerous. If you have an accident, you could be run over or crushed. You should wear a helmet.
2. They’re uncomfortable in bad weather, when it’s cold or raining.
3. Cycling can make you sick in cold weather, especially your tonsils.
4. Bikes are slower than other vehicles.
5. Many bigger vehicles don’t like bikes. They might hit you.


Advantages (Pros):
1. They’re fun. You usually take a boat to get to an island, to see dolphins and whales, or to tour a harbour. You get a great view.
2. Many larger boats have a restaurant or café.
3. Some boats have a glass bottom so you can see fish.
4. Ferries can take cars, buses, and even trains across water.

Disadvantages (Cons):
1. They’re slow.
2. Seasickness can be terrible, especially during storms.
3. Icebergs – a sinking ship is a scary thing.
4. Rogue waves. A rogue wave is one or more very large waves that can hit a ship and flip it over, even during a calm, peaceful, sunny day. They've existed as legend for centuries, but have only been proven in modern times. No one knows what makes them, or when or where they might strike.


Advantages (Pros):
1. It’s good exercise.
2. It’s fun for your dog.
3. You can stop and smell the roses, or talk to your neighbours.
4. You can always wear roller skates.
5. When shopping, you’ll buy less and save money, when you know you have to carry everything home.

Disadvantages (Cons):
1. Walking is very slow.
2. It can be dangerous because of cars. You have to be careful where you walk.
3. Walking when drunk is also dangerous. Many older people are found dead in winter, trying to walk home from a bar.
4. You also have to worry about thieves.

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