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Mass Media: Famous News Sources

News In the United Kingdom




News In the USA


Network Channels: ABC, NBC, CBS, and PBS (Public Broadcasting Service), which is state owned. Each of these networks provides local and national news. PBS's News Hour, Frontline, and Nova programs are some of the most trusted news sources in America, although some complain of liberal bias. PBS also shows educational programs for children.

Cable TV became popular in the 80's, and is now common in most people's homes. Cable news channels include:

CNN (Cable News Network): It's a 24 hour news network, famous for showing live footage of famous events, such as the Iraq War, and the 911 attack. It's not as good or as popular as it used to be. They give headlines, but not much detailed news.

FOX News: It's news with a neo-conservative viewpoint. It seems like 24 hour news, like CNN, but only four hours a day is officially "news". The rest of the time they show "opinion pieces" with such pundits as Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity, Glen Beck, Sarah Palin, and Carl Rove.

MSNBC: It's a liberal response to FOX News, 24 hour news with liberal pundits like Rachel Maddow.


NPR (National Public Radio): A state owned radio network, it's famous for it's news programs, Morning Edition and All Things Considered. It's also famous for telethons where they beg for money for weeks at a time, so they can continue to broadcast. They are also considered to have a liberal bias. When not telling the news, NPR plays jazz and classical music.


The New York Times: a famous newspaper, currently struggling to survive due to free news on the Internet. It was famous for getting secret information about the illegal activities of President Nixon, in the 70's. Some people today complain it's too liberal.

The Wall Street Journal: A famous newspaper, focusing on business and finance. It's moderately conservative.

The Onion: A fake newspaper that creates funny stories every week. They specialize in dark humour. It started on the internet in the 1990's.


Time Magazine: A magazine started by the NY Times, it's famous for its photographs, interviews, and it's Person of the Year. Every year they choose the most influential person in the world, whether good or bad, and talk about him.

US News & World Report: It's much like Time Magazine. They're famous for publishing a yearly college guide, ranking the best and the worst universities in America.

Newsweek: Another news magazine, similar to Time, but always a bit dumbed down. Over the years, Time has become more and more like Newsweek.

Foreign Policy: A monthly political magazine with guest writers in every issue. Every article is an essay by a famous professor, politician, or other "expert". They talk about everything happening now in the world in great detail, and also show great photos.

The Nation: News with a very liberal viewpoint. If you want to read news free from the influence of major businesses, this is it.

The New Yorker: A weekly literary magazine, it also includes investigative journalism, on major news stories.

Atlantic Monthly: A monthly literary magazine, it also includes investigative journalism, on major news stories.

Harper's: A monthly literary magazine, it also includes investigative journalism, on major news stories.

Rolling Stone: A music magazine that also reports news stories, with a strong liberal bias. They're famous for the recent story on General McChrystal, former head of the armed forces in Afghanistan who had to resign after it was published.

Other Famous American Magazines

Science News: National Geographic, Discover, Scientific American, Nature, MIT Tech Review
Sports News: Sports Illustrated, famous for its yearly Swimsuit Issue.

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